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New Face Skin Care & Regeneration With The Power of Lr Aloe Vera

With the nourishing and regenerative power of the Aloe Vera on the way to naturally beautiful and healthy skin – that stands for New Face Skin Care & Lr Aloe Vera Products. Whether young or old, in our product diversity everyone will find the ideal solution for their needs.So you and your loved ones are supplied with the best of the Lr Aloe Vera, Natural Cosmetics, Lr Fragrances from International Stars and High Quality Dietary Supplements 

Zeitgard Anti Aging Management

Everyone dreams of holding on to their youth as long as possible. With the Zietgard anti aging management system, you can preserve your youth and bask in the satisfaction of having flawless and radiant skin. The Zeitgard has been designed for home use, yet capable of offering professional results that will surely blow your mind away.

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Read More”]With the innovative technology in the Zeitgard Anti Aging Management, the skin benefits that you would normally experience in salons can now be made possible right at the comfort of your own home. All it takes are three easy steps that will lead you to long-lasting effects on your skin. Follow it off with a breakthrough anti-aging treatment to smooth out the wrinkles, with ingredients that penetrate deep into your skin for an immediate and visible effect.

The final and most potent step of the entire process is the comprehensive and restorative care that helps regenerate your skin. The result – a youthful and fresh new look that reveals your extraordinary beauty. 

LR Perfumes


For years, LR has positioned itself as a leading brand in fragrance in the global scene. The brand has even gained the trust of various celebrities including Bruce Willis and his wife, the stunning Emma Heming-Willis, as well as the supermodel Karolina Kurkova. Other famous names who have discovered the magic of LR perfumes include Guido Maria Kretschmer and Cristina Ferreira. 

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It has been more than 30 years since LR Health & Beauty Systems created and introduced amazing fragrances to people worldwide. Known for its high-quality perfume oil components and superior fragrance quality, it is not surprising that LR has become one of the leading names in the perfume industry. With top quality at reasonable prices as its motivating principle, LR parfum continue to gain the trust and confidence of perfume aficionados and connoisseurs worldwide.

LR Cosmetics

Highlight your inner beauty with the best quality cosmetics that only LR has to offer. The brand’s expertise in the cosmetic industry makes it one of the most reputable distributors of superior quality makeup that people from all over the world rely on for their beauty secrets. LR features Colours and Deluxe, which are the two popular ranges that boast of innovative and unique formulas to reveal your best features.

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LR cosmetics has obtained its secret formulas from the world’s leading suppliers, mainly in Italy. Among the key highlights of the LR cosmetics range include the waterproof mascara, lipsticks enriched with vitamin E, eyeshadow duo with mineral component, Colours for Women, nail polish remover set, and the illuminating foundations.

With the LR Cosmetics, you can find just the perfect colour for your skin type – as though it is made specifically for you. As there are no mineral oils, parabens, and just the gentlest texture, your skin is well taken care of while bringing out your enchanting beauty.

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