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Body Mission – Step By Step To Your Desired Weight

Everybody yearns to have a desirable figure. However, this can be a challenge for those who struggle with their weight loss goals. Body Mission from Lr Lifetakt allows you to shed a few kilos and maybe even more – naturally. You can soon attain that gorgeous body you have always wanted without compromising your health along the way. This is vital in increasing your confidence as you feel more at ease with yourself.

Weight Loss Basic Solution

LR LIFETAKT Body Mission is your partner in achieving your ideal weight and desired figure.

It consists of three key components to help you attain weight loss:

1. Replacement Meals
2. Weight Loss Coach
3. Diet Assistant 

While you lose weight through Body Mission, you may want to include to your diet a daily intake of the Fiber Boost and the Aloe Vera Drinking Gel in an enchanting peach flavor. These two products can be your powerful companions as you work your way to reaching your ideal weight.

Weight Loss Individual add-on products

Looking to improve your metabolism?

If you have been suffering from slow metabolism, you are probably feeling a little tired and exhausted too often. But you can put all of these to an end by drinking the Aloe Vera Drinking Gel. It comes in a fascinating peach flavor while helping improve the metabolism of energy in your body. Plus, there is no added sugar, so it is completely good for you.

Have you been starving too often?

For those who are hoping to lose weight, that constant feeling of hunger can put a damper on their weight-loss plans. By taking Fiber Boost, this energy and high-fiber drink keeps you full for hours and prevent you from bingeing on food.

Aloe Vera Drinking Gel peach improve the metabolism and energy in the body.

Looking to improve your metabolism?

Aloe Vera Drinking Gel comes in a fascinating peach flavor helping improve the metabolism and energy in your body.
Fiber Boost³ dietary supplement for weight loss

Not getting enough whole grains from your diet?

Take Fiber Boost daily as it uses 3 sources for its fiber content. The best dietary supplement for weight loss

Weight Loss Expert Tips

Nutritional Meal Plans and Tasty Recipes

It can be a little tough thinking about your meals day after day. Sometimes, you may feel as though you are stuck with the usual dishes, and it can get very boring and even limit your nutritional intake. This is why Body Mission offers meal plans that are good for a full 28 days. These are thrice a day meals that should help you determine what you should have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What’s more, you can find a massive selection of tasty meal replacement options and scrumptious recipes for your normal meals. You can find variety and put an end to those boring and unexciting meals!

Stay Motivated

A good support is what you need when you are hoping to lose weight. Body Mission features a supportive community with like-minded individuals who will help you achieve your weight loss plans. You can also track your weight and progress, which helps you stay motivated and continue what you have been doing.

Exercise and Physical Fitness

There are easy-to-follow fitness videos at your fingertips, which are geared for both beginners and advanced levels of workouts. You will love these exercises that you can perform right at the comfort of your own hope. Shape that body and tone your muscles as you have fun in every single step of the way.

The integrated Body Mission concept is ideal for anyone wanting to count more than calories. The products make losing weight easier, and the tutorials provides optimum support and motivation.

Weight Loss Products

weight loss drinks and shakes

Weight Loss Shakes and Drinks

We offer easy to prepare, tasty, and fuss-free shakes such as the Figu Active. This is creamy and tasty, but loaded with nutrients. You can use this as a meal replacement to further achieve your goals of losing weight. This product is available in 3 amazing flavors that you will enjoy. It is much like muesli in the sense that it is high in vitamins, minerals, and macro- and micro-nutrients your body needs. You may add some berries or stir in some milk and yogurt for extra nutritive value.





weight loss foods

Weight Loss Soups

Enjoy a nice bowl of hot soup as a meal replacement. The Figu Active soups come in 3 varieties that are excellent sources of nutrients. You may even toss in some vegetables and herbs to give it an extra flavor and aroma.








figu active bars for weight loss

Weight Loss Bars

Craving for something to eat while you are out and about? Figu Active bars serve as excellent meal replacements that supply your body with essential nutrients. There are also 3 different versions of this product that you will love.








weight loss eating plan

Diet Assistant

The Pro Balance and Protein Power contain key nutrients that you need for optimum health and energy. These products support the growth and strength of your muscle to boost your daily performance. Quench your thirst minus the extra calories with these healthy and nutritious beverages.



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