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Daily Essentials – Get the Best Nutritional Support Daily

Got a hectic day ahead of you, but feeling a little low on energy? You need to support your body with key nutrients to help it manage daily stress and boost your performance. The Daily Essentials by LR LIFETAKT can give you just the right amount of nutrients to enhance your energy all day long.¹´²

Basic Solution

Increase your energy reserves by taking Pro Balance and Aloe Vera drinking gel mixed with honey, as these contain essential plant extracts, trace elements, and minerals¹.  

Individual add-on products

Keep in mind that your nutrition should be suitable to your particular activity level. The Daily Essentials from Lr Lifetakt provides a customized support to your health requirements. If you are not getting enough nutrients from food, then be sure to supplement daily with Protein Power, Vita Active, Fiber Boost, or Super Omega, depending on what your body needs.

Not quite a fan of eggs, fish, and similar foods?

Do not go zero on omega 3 by taking Super Omega capsules regularly for a supply of DHA and EPA that will promote a healthy heart³.
Fiber Boost³ dietary supplement for weight loss

Not getting enough whole grains from your diet?

Take Fiber Boost daily as it uses 3 sources for its fiber content. The best dietary supplement for weight loss
Lr Lifetakt muscle Protein Drink

Need higher levels of protein to help you play your sports well?

The Protein Power supports muscle mass production with its good amount of protein.4
Vita active increase the vitaminsin your body

Looking to increase the vitamins in your body?

Vita Active contains 10 key vitamins with every teaspoon – perfect for children and adults. 5

Expert Tips


A little can go a long way. To improve your energy level, munch on berries and add these to your yoghurt or juice. Stay away from sugary and carbonated drinks and just go for plenty of water to improve your metabolism and manage your weight.


Have some quality “Me Time”. Relax, do some yoga, or engage in water gymnastics if possible. Meet up with friends and reach out to others. These will all help you feel good and brimming with joy!


You need to move more to stay healthy. A short and fun walk should suffice, or you can even challenge yourself to reach 5,000 steps a day if you can.

A healthy body means getting enough nutrients daily. In addition to this, you need a wholesome lifestyle to help you stay at the top of your game.

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Daily Essential tips for nutrition

Daily Essentials Nutrition

Eating the right food can have a significant impact to your health. The following are just some tips to help improve your daily nutrition.

Linseed oil is good for you. Mix it with quark and add some pepper, salt, and garlic, and you have a powerful support for your health in an instant.

Incorporate some fresh herbs to your recipes such as coriander, thyme, cress, and basil. You will love the enchanting aroma of your dishes while reducing the sodium content.

Consume foods with whole meal content. This may mean eating some rice, pasta, and bread with whole meal at least once a week. This can help you maintain a slim figure and improve your overall health.

Organic meat is the way to go. Not only are you supporting your health, but this is also good for the environment. Try it and notice the difference in how you feel.

Include more greens to your diet. Among the healthiest and richest in nutritive components are rucola, spinach, Chinese cabbage, and broccoli. These all help your digestion, skin, and general well-being.

Cut back on high-sugar and carbonated drinks. Instead, drink more water or teas. Such a simple change can truly benefit your weight, energy level, and metabolism.

Add more berries to your diet. Snack on them or add slices of berries to your oatmeal and cereal daily.

Enjoy your meals and really take the time to taste and savor the food you are eating. This will allow you to eat a little less while feeling more and more satisfied.


Daily Essentials LifestyleDaily Essential tips for lifestyle

Work on improving your daily lifestyle and stay away from stressful activities. These are some things that can help you relax more and feel more at ease each day:

Organize and declutter your digital life. This may mean deleting platforms you barely visit or canceling some digital book or magazine subscriptions that serve no meaning to you.

Get some stuff out of your closet. This can seriously add more space for things that add more meaning and value to your life.

Add some beauty and freshness to your desk. A vase of gorgeous, colorful flowers can draw a smile on your face while improving the atmosphere in your home.

Be kind to yourself. Stop criticizing or being too harsh and just allow yourself to take it easy. Self-love can offer tremendous benefits to your general health.

Reach out to others. It could be an old friend whom you have lost contact with or a new acquaintance you have always wanted to connect with. A healthy social life can have a positive impact on your well-being.

Relax and enjoy meaningful activities you really love. This may include yoga, aerobics, water gymnastics, or anything that you think keeps you well and happy.


Daily Essential tips for Exercise

Daily Essentials Exercise

Physical activity keeps your circulation going while preventing stiff joints and muscles. Here are some simple exercises you may want to try for positive effects to your health:

Take a moment to breathe deeply for a couple of minutes instead of working for long hours without any break at all.

Use the stairs or walk more. This can surely help exercise your muscles and keep them strong.

Drop your shoulders and rotate your neck to keep the tension away. This is a nice break you may want to do a few times a day.

Make hundreds of steps daily. If you can, go for at least 5,000 steps and notice the amazing difference it can do to your health.

If you can, ditch the car and ride the bicycle to work.

Spend quality time with loved ones and engage in sports together. Do the things you love and have fun along the way!

1 The Vitamin C in the Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Traditional Honey supports a healthy nervous system and metabolism.
2 The Magnesium content in Pro Balance supports electrolyte balance and reduces fatigue.
3 The EPA and DHA help keep your heart healthy. You will need 250 mg of DHA and EPA daily for optimum results.
4Protein aids in building muscle mass and keep your bones in excellent condition.
5 Vitamin D facilitates healthy muscle function and strong bones. As for vitamin B1 (Thiamine), this keeps your psychological function and nervous system healthy.

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