Reishi Plus



  • With extracts & powder from Reishi
  • Part of the Far Eastern tradition for millennia’s
  • With vitamin C
  • Lactose free
  • Save money with triple Pack
  • Made in Germany

The Reishi Plus mushroom  – Far Eastern tradition in capsules

The Reishi capsules from LR  contain high-quality reishi powder and reishi extract. The capsules support the well-being with vitamin C and are also lactose-free.

Reishi mushroom or also known as Ling Zhi mushroom is amongst the rarest and most precious herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. Literally translated it means a mushroom of long life.

Reishi is symbol of immortality in the Chinese culture. In the term of Traditional Chinese Medicine Reishi calms the Shen, nourishes the Heart, tonifies the Qi energy and Blood, notifies Lung Qi. Modern studies suggest that Reishi may enhance the immune function of our body and may be used as an accessory treatment of tumors after chemotherapy.



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