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Lr Lifetakt Seasonal Support – Best support to boost your well-being

The changing weather can pose some challenges to your body. When the weather brings in some rain after a summer’s day, or perhaps you enter an air-conditioned room immediately after being out in the heat, your body can react differently all the time. With Seasonal Support by Lr Lifetakt, you have optimum support to boost your well-being. Each season is indeed YOUR season!

Basic Solution

The vitamin C component in the Aloe Vera Drinking Gel combined with honey helps strengthen your immune system. Plus, with every intake of the Colostrum capsules, your well-being is ensured to give you the much-needed support your body requires no matter what the season is.


Individual add-on products

Seasonal Support by LR LIFETAKT also features outstanding products to promote your body’s natural defence such as the Cistus Incanus Spray, Cistus Incanus Capsules, Colostrum, Herbal Tea, and Pro 12- all working together to give you a stronger, healthier body.

Cistus Incanus Spray with vitamin C for a stronger immune system

Are you perfectly prepared for an emergency?

Be protected from any medical conditions. Cistus Incanus Spray is loaded with essential vitamin C for a stronger immune system.
Cistus Incanus Tee is Packed with 100 percent natural ingredients

Nature's Finest

Packed with 100 percent natural ingredients, you can be sure that your health is protected with every intake of the Cistus Incanus Tea.
Pro Bio12 protection from diseases

Prevent Illnesses

Get maximum protection from diseases and attain an excellent well-being with Pro Bio12.
Colostrum direct support your immunity

Are you perfectly prepared for an emergency?

The Colostrum Liquid gives you just the right amount of colostrum milk that is easily digested by the body.
Cistus Incanus capsules supplies your body with vitamin C.

Relying entirely on nature?

For an enhanced immune system, Cistus Incanus capsules supplies your body with vitamin C.

Expert Tips


Start your day right with a wholesome breakfast. A good choice would be a warm bowl of cereal with grated coconut, some fruit, and a dash of vanilla, cloves, or cinnamon for maximum health support and a boost of energy you need. Be sure to drink lots of fruit or vegetable juices to stay hydrated and get the immunity your body requires. For your daily dose of vitamin D, include freshwater fish to your diet such as herring, salmon, or mackerel. All of these should give you a tougher immune system during the winter and all seasons.


They say that laughter is an AMAZING medicine, and it surely is! Never hold back on that laughter and just feel good about yourself. Treat yourself to a relaxing sauna or a nice foot soak to improve your blood flow and calm your nerves.


Never stay in one position for a long time. The key to great health is in mobility. Take a short walk each day and ride a bike often instead of sitting in the car. If the weather permits, swim or jog to keep you energized.

Breathe in fresh air daily. With proper nutrition, a wholesome lifestyle, and regular physical activity, your immune system will become stronger season after season. 

Seasonal Support Expert Tips

Seasonal Support Nutritionlifetakt seasonal-support tipps nutrition

The food you eat affects your immune system. To further boost your body’s ability to defend itself from infections, you should eat certain spices and herbs that are known to improve your overall health. Cloves, cinnamon, and thyme contain antiviral and antibacterial properties that help protect your body from germs. Thus, you can get maximum protection from infections and diseases.

A great breakfast to begin each day includes a warm bowl of cereal topped with grated coconut, along with some essential spices such as vanilla, cloves, and cinnamon for immune system support. Be sure to include a serving of fruit as a part of your breakfast.

For an additional dose of vitamin C, munch on a kiwi fruit, as it is loaded with this key vitamin for optimum health.

Never forget to take in a good amount of protein that is essential for producing antibodies necessary for a stronger body. In the winter, a great way to meet your body’s daily protein needs would be a bowl of chicken soup with root vegetables and some cooked meat.

When it comes to further immune defence, make it a point to take in vitamin D. Natural sources of this vitamin include salmon, herring, and mackerel, and other freshwater fish.

Prepare yourself an instant immunity drink by mixing a teaspoon of sugar and freshly squeezed lemon to your hot water.

Another immunity drink is a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juices or even vegetable juices.


Daily Essential tips for lifestyle

Seasonal Support Lifestyle

Stress will always be a part of life, but that does not mean you have to give in to it. Beat stress daily by getting enough rest and sleep and by considering the following tips:

Treat yourself to a relaxing sauna that is not only invigorating, but also supports your body’s natural defences.

A few minutes before bedtime, make time for a nice foot soak that improves circulation while relaxing you.

If you feel you are about to get a cold, make sleep and rest a priority.

When you suffer from a cold, you need proper ventilation in your bedroom and office. This helps minimize the influx of infectious and harmful microorganisms.

Take a deep breath and just relax. Focus on your breathing and let your mind stay at ease.

Laugh! Watch a funny show and surround yourself with light-hearted people. This is a natural health booster.


Seasonal Support Exerciselifetakt seasonal-support exercise

Support your immune system by exercising daily. Regular physical activity and deep breathing exercises help in improving circulation and producing essential antibodies in your body for greater resistance from infections. But if you are suffering from a bad cold, skip on extra workouts and take some time to rest more.

Breathe in some fresh air during your daily walks. Make it a point to breathe deeply and slowly through your nose.

Forget about the car. Just ride a bike or walk whenever you need to run some simple errands.

Avoid being sedentary. Stand, walk, and move more.

If possible, give yourself more time to walk even if just on short distances by getting off the bus or train stop earlier.

Swim, cycle, and walk regularly for a stronger body and immune system.

1The Vitamin C component in honey and aloe vera drinking gel supports your immune system.
2 The Vitamin C in every serving of the Cistus Incanus capsules and spray improves the function and strength of your immune system.

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