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Vital Care – Experience Vitality Now and Every Day

You may be at the prime of your life, but here’s the greatest secret you must know – you still have a number of years ahead of you! Keep up with the daily challenges and live life to the fullest with Vital Care from LR Lifetakt, so you can remain energetic, vital, and an epitome of excellent health!

Basic Solution

Reishi Plus helps improve your metabolism and support a healthy cardiovascular system. Combine this with the Intense Sivera Natural Aloe Vera Drinking Gel for maximum vitality.


Individual add-on products

So, you want to stay fit, loaded with energy, and healthy? It is all up to you – and with the help of Vital Care LR LIFETAKT. The Super Omega keeps your heart healthy, the Pro 12 enhances your well-being, and the Woman Phyto is a great support for women going through menopause.

Super Omega keeps your heart healthy

Not quite a fan of eggs, fish, and similar foods?

Do not go zero on omega 3 by taking Super Omega capsules regularly for a supply of DHA and EPA that will promote a healthy heart³.
Pro 12 enhances your well-being

Want to feel well all round?

Pro 12 enhances your well-being
Woman Phyto is a great support for women going through menopause.

Not wanting your menopause to dictate your day?

Woman Phyto is a great support for women going through menopause. Contain calcium, vitamin D and Red clover extract.

Expert Tips


Eat right and reap amazing benefits to your health. Incorporate fatty saltwater fish at least twice weekly to your diet such as mackerel and salmon, which supports healthy blood vessels and heart. For a dash of energy, juice or slice up some beetroot and notice the huge difference in your general health.


When you’re happy, your stress level goes down by several notches. So keep yourself brimming with joy and relaxation by doing things you love whether it is a body massage, a foot bath, or maybe even shopping for nice clothes. Just enjoy every moment and stop worrying.


The best anti-ageing product is exercise! Get your bike back on the road and get on it. Cycling is gentle exercise in the fresh air, but doing so relaxes the pelvis and lower back. Regularly go for short and long bike rides.

Love yourself – this is a tall order. This means looking after your body and mind, which contributes to a youthful glow and vitality. Holistic thinking also helps, so avoid stressing out and pamper yourself more.

Vital Care Pro Tips

The older we get, the more our lifestyle affects our health.


Proper nutrition is important in ensuring excellent health. This also serves as your great defense from illnesses while supporting your energy level. With just some tweaks to your diet, you should be able to attain vitality throughout all stages in your life.

Cabbage is an outstanding vegetable to include in your diet whether it is Brussels sprouts, Chinese cabbage, Savoy cabbage, or broccoli. These all help detoxify your body naturally while protecting you from medical conditions that are age-related.

Support a healthy digestive tract with linseed. Either mix it with your favorite meals or break it up into your muesli. Just a couple of tablespoons of linseed can improve your intestinal flora and regulate your blood pressure level.

Whether you want to mix beetroot to your salad or add it to your vegetable or fruit juice, this vegetable supplies you with the energy you need while enhancing your blood vessel functions.

Eat fatty saltwater fish two times a week and reap outstanding benefits that it brings. Great options include mackerel and salmon.

Berries are perfect for your juices or as a snack. The potent nutrients these contain support your general well-being.

Munch on nuts daily for a healthy brain, heart, and pancreas. Add some wholesome nuts to your diet such as macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds, and pistachios.



Relationships are an important part of our lifestyle.


You need healthy relationships to keep you happy and stress-free. But at the same time, having some alone time also helps in boosting your mental and physical health.

Take some time to meditate, go on peaceful and soothing walks, listen to calming music, and reading inspirational books.

Meet up with a friend whom you feel a close affinity with. Bond with your male or female friends and experience a sense of fun, relaxation, and some feel-good mood you have always been craving for.

Enrich your relationships. It could be with friends, your spouse, or your significant other. No matter what it is, spend more time – quality time – together. Go to your favorite restaurant, watch movies, and perhaps take a nice road trip to the country.

Love yourself. Never hold back on pampering yourself whether it is a soothing massage, shopping for new outfits, or buying your favorite flowers.

Savor the moment and forget about the past or the future. Stay in the now and be totally present. It is completely invigorating.



Exercise is the fountain of youth.


Never underestimate the power of exercise. It may be as simple as brisk walking, cycling, swimming, hiking, or gardening, but the benefits to your health are immense! But no matter what type of physical activity it may be, make sure it is something you enjoy.

Take a walk – and do this daily. As you do so, just get lost in the moment and enjoy the beauty all around you.

Are your shoulders feeling a little tense? Drop them and feel the instant boost of relaxation that this brings.

Relax your muscles and joints. A nice circling motion of your ankles and hands help lubricate and nourish the health of your joints.

Improve your flexibility and mobility by doing body bending exercises, but be as gentle as needed. You do not need to be abrupt with your movements, and doing it slowly is the best way to go.

Enjoy a relaxing bike ride as often as possible. This activity is great for your lower back and pelvis.

Experience the benefits of yoga. Simple yoga poses promote supple muscles and connective tissues.

The Vitamin C component in Reishi Plus improves the health of your blood vessels and supports collagen formation.
EPA and DHA keep your heart healthy. A good dosage is 250 mg daily of DHA and EPA.
Vitamin D and Calcium support healthy bones and teeth. 

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