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After a thorough deep cleansing proceed with ZEITGARD 2 to the next step for a smooth and young looking skin..

Special Treatments Against Skin Aging


Wrinkles and young looking skin don’t match. The second step deals with the systematic treatment of wrinkles and swellings – with immediate noticeable results.

Innovative Technology for Beautiful Skin

A dermatological proven active hot/cold treatment counteracts skin aging and softens wrinkles visibly.

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For Beauty From Within

Thanks to the thermal treatment, the active anti-aging ingredients can penetrate deep into the skin structure and deploy their full effect.


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ZeitGard Anti Aging System the Innovative Technology for Beautiful Skin

With ZeitGard Anti Aging System wrinkle can be alleviated, the unique technology makes it possible. Zeitgard uses a combination of thermal and vibration technology. These are two already known from dermatology procedures and techniques that use the skin’s natural processes and adaptive responses.

Benefits Of ZeitGard Anti Aging System

Smoothing of wrinkle

The hot/cold treatment in combination of the massage function helps fill wrinkles and tighten facial skin. The skin appears smoother, rejuvenated and fresher than before application.

Stimulating The Skin Layers

Through vibration, care ingredients will reach deeper skin layers and will be optimally distributed throughout. In addition, the absorption of active ingredients is stimulated.

More Freshness for a youthful looking skin around the eyes

An effective eye serum supplies the delicate skin around the eyes with moisture and boosts the skin’s regeneration. Small wrinkles appear smoother than before.

Immediately visible results

Professional technology and perfectly matched intensive care instantly lead to visible and perceptible results. This is confirmed by 80% of the users.

Revitalizing the skin Structure from Scratch

With the hot/cold treatment active anti-aging ingredients are effectively introduced into and absorbed by the skin. The active compounds can now unfold their full potential.

Reduction of skin swelling:

The interaction of the hot/cold treatment stimulates the skin and tissue to relax or to contract. Thus, excess fluid can be removed through the stimulation of the skin

Zeitgard 2 The ultimate success factors


The thermal technology works with the skin’s natural functions (opening/closing)

Adapts perfectly to the eye area thanks to the ergonomic roundness of the thermal plate

The additional vibration massage function strengthens the tissue and fights eye bags and eye circles

ZEITGARD 2 is the only device on the market that supports the application of anti-ageing products in the eye area. The metal plates have an ergonomic shape and size specially optimised for the sensitive eye area, so that the Anti-Age Eye Serum can be integrated perfectly.


ZeitGard Anti Aging system unites two principles. More nutrients permeate the skin through the heat and cold treatments; the skin’s moisture level increases because the cosmetic ingredients are better absorbed, penetrating deeper into the skin. In addition, the vibration effect also increases circulation. Our dermatological tests clearly show that you can get firmer, better contoured skin by using ZeitGard Anti Aging System for extended periods of time.


Using ZEITGARD 2 you have successfully completed the second step of your anti-aging program. Now you can pamper your skin with valuable care products.

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