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Finalizing Facial Care. Optimally balanced for different types of skin.

Finalizing Facial Care

Longtime smooth and even looking skin needs an individual Care System. The Zeitgard Care System nourish every kind of skin individually and with long-lasting results.

Pampering for Your Skin



An individual regenerating

care for every skin type

pampers your skin with

velvety textures and high

quality ingredients.

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Care Series for Every Situation

The innovative Zeitgard care products act like a fountain of youth for your skin. They prevent premature skin aging, soften wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. A perfect conclusion for young-looking skin and long-lasting results.

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A Breakthrough Facial Care for Stunning Results

The renowned Zeitgard Care system offers a highly effective facial care series suitable for any skin type. It also complements your personal anti-aging management system to facilitate outstanding and long-term benefits to your skin. Regardless of your age, both men and women can gain positive results from this facial care system for a more radiant, vibrant, and beautiful skin.

Premium Quality Ingredients to Enhance Your Beauty

Only the finest quality ingredients are carefully selected in the Zeitgard skin care system. All of the components in the facial care products have essential amino acids and nutrients your skin needs. Thus, the skin cells’ fluid absorption process is further improved, which aids in establishing the most efficient moisture management to keep your skin supple and smooth. You should be able to notice significant results on your skin with daily use of the Zeitgard skin care products.

The amino acids promotes skin care protection, a more efficient regeneration of the cell walls, smoothing of your skin, and an enhanced elasticity of the vital skin structure. Perfect for your delicate skin, you can guarantee outstanding benefits that will last for a long time. 


If you notice premature signs of aging on your skin, then it is time to use the best remedy for this concern. The gold component of the Zeitgard skin care products offers an optimal level of UVA protection.

Combined with silk proteins, this promotes the development of your skin’s collagen in the deeper layers. Thus, these two ingredients work together in protecting your skin from aging prematurely, as caused by excessive exposure to sunlight.

Moreover, gold and silk speeds up the regeneration process of the skin cells. As a result, your skin turns out to be velvety soft and smooth all over.

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Zeitgard features a combination of diamond-based ingredients that allow your skin to become more radiant and youthful than ever before. The face cream provides a thorough pampering as it contains potent anti-aging ingredients that protect your skin from free radical damages. As your skin becomes firmer, your contours seem more even and finer. 

The daytime face cream contains ingredients that penetrate deep into your skin to smooth out wrinkles in a more efficient manner. As for the nightly face cream, this is designed for mature skin. This helps regenerate skin cells will nightly use, along with reducing wrinkles and fine lines with the help of essential oils in the cream. For long-lasting optimum results, it is recommended to use the face care system regularly for a period of time. 

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Your skin needs a boost in freshness to eliminate its tired and dry quality. This is why the Zeitgard Powerlift is designed to hydrate your skin over time.

With a selection of perfectly balanced active components including Reductine, which is an algae extract, along with various herbs, your skin remains hydrated and supple.

The Zeitgard Powerlift the basic component of the Zeitgard Care System while offering an efficient solution for enhanced elasticity and vitality.

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Men also have skin issues that need to be addressed.

This is why for an effective facial care system for men, the Zeitgard Care System Platinum ensures superior results that last.

With a specially designed skin care formula, the facial cram is absorbed quickly by the skin to moisturize and nurture it properly.

This is the secret to beautiful skin that will give you a boost of confidence.

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Wrinkles and fine lines on your forehead, nose, and around the eyes can give you an aged and tired look. But with the use of the Zeitgard care Serox, this helps smooth out wrinkles over time.

Argireline, Hyaluronic Spheres, and Ameliox are among the active ingredients of the Serox, which improve the elasticity of your skin.

With regular use of Serox from Zeitgard Care System, you will notice less wrinkles on your face and an enhanced glow.This is the secret to beautiful skin that will give you a boost of confidence.

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