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Effective anti-age management begins with a thorough cleansing.

Preparatory Facial Cleansing

Pure skin is the first step to a fresh and younger looking complexion. The ZEITGARD Cleansing System is the beginning of the innovative ZEITGARD Anti-Age Management.

Effective Skin Cleansing

The fresh and thorough face cleansing removes blemishes more efficient than conventional cleansing.

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Innovative Cleansing Products

Innovative, advanced cleansing products elevate facial cleansing to a great experience and perfectly prepare for the second maintenance step

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Can pushing the button on the LR Zeitgard cleansing brush bring beautiful and healthy skin?

This may sound a bit out this world, but the truth is attaining beautiful skin has never been easier. All you do is simply push a button and the revolutionary facial cleansing brush from LR starts rejuvenating your skin. The product is designed to get rid of dirt and makeup from the face and has been engineered using ground-breaking technology. It took LR, a German cosmetic and beauty products manufacturer many years of research and development to come up with this product. With this product, facial cleansing and improving skin health has become much easier.

Healthy and Beautiful Skin No longer A Dream

The Zeitgard Cleansing Brush is an electrical cleansing brush that is designed for the face and neck. It is designed for all kinds of skin (smooth, dry, oily, wet…) and can be used by both women as well as men. The more than 7000 oscillations and vibrations per minute penetrate deep inside the skin and lift off any particles or germs that may be trapped inside the skin. It helps to open the pores and improves air and blood circulation. The cleansing brush also removes any dirt and impurities from the skin surface. According to research findings from Institut Dermatest GmbH, the LR facial Cleansing Brush is 10 times more effective than cleansing the skin manually.

Zeitgard cleansing brush. How to use it?

Benefits of using the Zeitgard Cleansing Brush are quite many. Firstly, it oscillates much faster than ordinary rotating brushes (over 7,000 oscillations per minute) thereby removes dead dirt and makeup much faster. Secondly, the brush filaments have been enriched with MICROSILVER BGTM and will not only get rid of skin impurities, germs, and dead skin but also helps soothe the skin. Thirdly, MICROSILVER technology keeps the skin clean and healthy for as many as 3 months. Fourthly, smooth rounded brush filaments, high oscillations, and revolutionary technology ensures there are no side effects from using the electrical facial cleansing brush.



Perfect facial cleansing with Zeitgard Cleansing brush is the first step towards a younger and smoother looking skin. During the following anti-age treatment you effectively counteract skin aging with the innovative ZeitGard Anti-Age System.

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