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Zeitgard Anti Aging System


Anti-ageing is more than just a trend: Youthful looking skin is considered to be a beauty ideal worldwide, The wish:  Younger looking skin! 

Our skin is exposed to daily stresses that put a strain on its appearance.

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External impacts

Like excessive exposure to sunlight, for example, can weaken the skin.


Natural ageing processes

Lead to a decrease of collagen and elastin in the connective tissue and thereby to the development of wrinkles.


Daily facial expressions

Like laughing or crying leads to loss of elasticity in the connective tissue over time and the formation of wrinkles.




Currently, anti-ageing treatments are only available in cosmetic institutes and are very expensive!


Timeless beauty must no longer remain a dream.

Anti-ageing treatments that until now were only available in cosmetic institutes, can now be performed at home. Preserve the youthful beauty of your facial skin with the integrated ZEITGARD Anti-Age Management. Only three easy steps to an optimal result:

Visibly beautiful skin!

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Effective anti-age management begins with a thorough cleansing.

You will experience a new dimension of facial cleansing with Zeitgard 1 and its innovative face cleansing brush


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Special Treatment Against Skin Aging.

 After a thorough deep cleansing proceed with ZEITGARD 2 to the next step for a smooth and young looking skin


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Finalizing Facial Care.

Optimally balanced for different types of skin ZEITGARD care products complete your individual anti age management for timeless beauty


The successful effect of the ZEITGARD Anti-Age System has been scientifically proven by Dermatest

Independent test subjects tested the Anti-Age system over a period of 6 weeks after which they were asked how satisfied they were with the results:


…of test persons experience an optimum absorption of active ingredients


…of test persons confirm that the skin’s elasticity has changed


…all test persons notice improved skin hydration


…of test persons confirm immediately visible and tangible results


…of test persons confirm that the eye area is noticeably rejuvenated

ZeitGard Anti-Age System products only achieve the tested results when used together with the ZeitGard 2!


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